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Achieving that V shaped body is something that almost everyone wishes they had, but its not possible without putting the right amount of work into exercising your back. The upper back gains support from the lower, mid and upper trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. Working on these muscles enhances the strength of your upper body and defines your torso as well. Keeping them toned and well cared for can be a daunting task if you are not sure how to work them properly. Lucky for you, there is Flawless Living to save the day with the best exercises which can be done at home or at the gym with minimal equipment. Personally, I recommend having access to weights because the back is a muscle that responds best when some resistance is used.

The Superman Exercise

The superman exercise is always a good one. Even though this exercise looks more yoga-ish, it does has good impact on the muscles. What you do is simply lay stomach down on a yoga mat and just like the picture lift your arms and legs up.

For the first cycle I want you to time yourself one minute of holding (make sure to breathe). For the second cycle I want you to pulsate or move your body parts up and down. For example: 3 seconds with arms and legs elevated, then lower them down for 2 seconds, but don’t touch the floor.

Down Dog Kickbacks

Start in downward facing dog. Arms straight and wide on the ground, legs straight and hips lifted toward the ceiling so that your body makes an upside down V. Bring one knee to chest, then kick back your leg straight up and back behind you squeezing your glute. Return to down dog and repeat alternating legs.

Bounce-Sit Exercise

Of course these back exercises are great but you do need a little more to go with some of the movements. Here is a great core exercise that I recommend-these are simple but long. Just at the picture shows get on the ball fully erect and stomach tight. Now slowly move from side to side totaling about 50 repetitions.

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