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A tote is a large sized bag, ideal for carrying many items. Tote bags have evolved from being simple and made of Canvas, to becoming known as the essential bag for combining style and functionality. The tote bag is perfect for many occasions because of its numerous styles and designs. There’s a tote for everyone: the businesswoman, for the casual stroll, and for the beach-goer.

The Businesswoman

This woman is on the go. She needs her essentials and her extra items to be able to comfortably coexist in one handbag. The tote is perfect to carry her items for the workday, as well as the items she might need to change into for a dinner date in the evening.

For the businesswoman who has money to invest in the perfect tote, the Penelope handbag by Longchamp combines sleek sophistication and great purpose with their $935 design. You can purchase it here.

For the businesswoman who is just starting her empire, the Helena Colorblock tote by Nine West incorporates chic style with an inexpensive price of $49.99. You can purchase the bag here.

A Casual Stroll

The tote bag can be used by any woman. Whether you are running errands, heading shopping or just taking a walk, the tote bag will be your go-to bag for easy use and function.

For the woman who likes a splash of color in their style choices, the Metropolitote Tote 48 from Marc by Marc Jacobs keeps it simple, with three views of summer colors at the bottom. You can purchase the $128.42 handbag here.

For the woman who enjoys feminine, pastel colors, the Marion Slouchy tote by Tory Burch is a great fit for you. You can purchase the $495, multi-functional handbag here.

The Beach Bum

The beach is frequently visiting during the summer season. When you go, make sure to carry a tote bag. It’ll be big enough to carry your towel, sunscreen, shades and and extra items you want to include.

For the woman who prefers variety, the Laser Cut Tote by Street Level is a great option. It’s on trend with the laser cut designs and its reversible, giving the wearer the option to rock the Orange-sherbet side as well. You can purchase the $56 handbag here.

For the woman who lives on vibrant hues, the Bperfie by Steve Madden will fit your personality to a tee. It’s a bright neon yellow color, aligning with the summer season perfectly. This bag also comes with a removable pouch, ideal for protecting your items from the water and sand. You can purchase the $52.98 handbag here.

So the next time you go shopping, don’t pass by the tote bags. You’ll be glad that you didn’t.

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