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Have you ever tried to teach your dog commands like come sit down and stay, but had trouble with the results? It’s not the end of the world! As a professional dog trainer for over 15 years, I have come across an abundance of different techniques. With all the tips and techniques out there, let me introduce the best kept secret for teaching commands.

The 4P’s

PraiseDo not over treat your pup and turn praise into bribery.

PracticeOften I found Owners to use the “Come Command ” to discipline their puppy. Your dog associates the come command with a negative consequence. Most of the time, your dog may freeze or bolt in the other direction. This can result in a dangerous result.

Perseverance– As a trainer, I have had to become very creative over the years in my approach to getting passed difficult and discouraging training sessions. Try not to get frustrated and “YELL” and repeat the same command repetitively. If your dog does not respond the first time, gently guide him or her in the right direction.

Patience– Keep in mind, puppies have a short tension span. Remain patient, keep sessions short 5-10 minutes, minimize distractions in the beginning.

So whatever techniques you decide to use, keep it positive, motivational and fun. You and your flawless fido will love the results!

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