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We are led to believe that our soulmates are those whom we fall in love with. But a soul mate can lie in places other than the romantic part of our hearts. It can be a sibling or family member. It may lie between the threads of your grandmother’s blanket—the very reminder that you are special. It can be a friend who soothed your soul, or even a furry friend who never let you down—even if you took your anger out on it.
A friend of mine had known her friend for over twenty years. They had many things in common: they both had daughters with the same name and sisters with the same name who both passed on. They both grew up on different blocks but had the same address number—well, except one number off. They were the same astrological signs, for their birthdays were only a day apart. They began to date. He loved my friend dearly and though it took some time she eventually learned to love him as well. But regardless of their similarities things just didn’t run smoothly, as of course with many relationships.

In the end, it came down to them not being meant for each other romantically, but would work out famously as soul mates! Unfortunately, her guy friend passed on, but they knew their love for each other was indestructible, for they shared the same souls.

Sometimes that’s just it. Sometimes the only way our souls can find happiness with a person is simply by them being in our lives as they are. You don’t have to force something to happen. You also don’t have to feel heartbroken if your soulmate isn’t your romantic partner, but know that your soulmate does exist even if in a different form. The wonderful news is that you can have more than one! Who picks up the pieces to your broken smile? Who brings you joy? Your furry friend? Your cuddly blanky? That perfectly-perfect friend you’ve known all your life? Guess what? Look no further. You already have yourself a soulmate!

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