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In last week’s article, I talked about the four ingredients you should avoid when purchasing hair care products. This week, I have two ingredients that will do wonders on your hair strands. Look out for these amazing ingredients for the hair:


The benefits of hibiscus are endless! If you use this ingredient over time, your hair will begin to shine naturally and feel smoother. The science behind this is the ph levels of hibiscus. They allow for hibiscus to seal the cuticles on the hair. Like there are scales on a fish, your hair strands have cuticles. Similar to fish scales, if hair strands are open, the hair will tangle more and be frizzy. Hibiscus simply closes the cuticles so they lay down flat, creating a smoother hair surface. An extra bonus that hibiscus provides is that it can nourish the scalp to speed up hair growth.


Your probably thinking: Why would I want to put sticky honey in my hair? I know that it sounds off key, but the moisturizing properties of honey is off the charts. It acts as a humectant, pulling moisture from the air to your hair strands. Honey also fills the hair with vitamins and minerals. It might sound like a magic trick, but its natural and safe. And don’t worry about your hair being sticky. You won’t notice the stickiness of the honey when it is in a hair care product.

You can purchase both conditioners from Curl Junkie HERE.


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