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Jul 2016

Power of Hope

Hope, wishes, prayers, dreams – all these terms point to the desires we possess in life. Be it materialistic pleasures or victorious ambitions, challenging positions or exciting opportunities we all hope to achieve something in life. Amidst sea of hardships, troubles, failures and uncertainties, hope is the answer to every trouble. Having faith in ourselves and belief in our actions can take us towards what we desire. Hope keeps our energy and spirit alive, prompting us to march ahead without worrying about the difficulties.

Hope and patience work together in co-ordination, offering fruits of happiness and joy. Though several undesirable circumstances may block our path towards the desired goal, it is extremely essential to keep our hope alive. Hope is the only factor that can encourage us to work hard. Without giving up on our dreams and submitting ourselves to failure, hope inspires us to continue the battle right till the end. It prevents harm due to distraction and disappointment. When the going seems tough and the destination appears to be out of our reach, hope is the only one that chooses to stay strong.

Though we may fail to appreciate its significance, hope certainly plays an important role in our lives. It pushes us to stay in the competition. Unless we stay determined, we cannot expect any success in return. While we may not necessarily get every single thing as desired, our dedication and concentration can offer us the confidence to succeed. It can prepare us for bigger challenges in the future.

Let us look at few ways by which hope can bring out the best in us.


  1. Hope will prompt us to continue our efforts. Even though failure may greet us on the way, forcing one to quit; hope will never let us lose.


  1. Hope speaks the language of possibility. It demonstrates the power of believing in ourselves.


  1. Hope cannot guarantee success but it can assure you satisfaction, happiness and a smile that originates from the foundation of efforts.


  1. It inspires us to look at the bigger picture and keep marching. Though the destination may appear too far away from our reach, it cannot allow us to leave the journey mid-way.


  1. Hope can fill our lives with energy, enthusiasm, excitement and dreams for the future.

With this, always keep your ‘HOPE’ alive!

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