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Okay. It’s mid-Fall, things are going well with your boyfriend – what’s the logical next step?  Going home with him for the holidays! If the idea of meeting his entire family at once makes you nervous…you’re not alone! It’s scary.  Here are my tried and true tips to help you make the best possible first impression.

1. First of all, this is one case where appearance really does matter! Aim to look polished and pretty.  Save anything distressed or too out there for a night out with your girls.

2. Next, make sure you do your research ahead of time! Find out what his parents and relatives are interested in and take note.  Along with this, make sure you find out what your boyfriend’s parents drink of choice is and bring a bottle of it along with you.  If his parents aren’t drinkers, bring a nice candle, fancy chocolates, or a gorgeous bouquet.  Remember – even if they say no gifts, NEVER show up empty handed.

3. Once you’re there, make yourself helpful in every way possible. If you see his mom cooking, offer to chop veggies or garlic.  If she’s cleaning, join in.  You get the picture! Conversationally, avoid controversial topics like politics and don’t make the mistake of being TOO casual with his relatives.  This is not the time to share the story of your crazy trip to Vegas! However, do not make the mistake of being too bland and boring.  Let your personality shine through!  Be yourself but be on your best behavior, and I guarantee they will love you.

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