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There has been a big change to the hair care industry in the past 12 years. Many companies have been listening to their customers and choosing to finally remove ingredients that are no good for our hair strands. Never before have we seem such a big concentration on natural, more simplistic hair ingredients. There is a big reason why these ingredients are becoming less and less popular. Check the back of your hair products every time your ready to purchase, because I’m going to tell you the bad and the good if you want smooth, shiny hair.


1. Mineral oil, also known as petroleum

Mineral oil or petroleum are useless and cheap lubricants with no properties to improve the hair texture. It simply sits on top of the hair strands, as it cannot absorb into the hair because the molecules are too big. If you want a temporary fix, it’s fine but if you want to maximize your hair growth and the overall quality of your hair, you will need to cut this out.


2. fake natural oils

Be very careful of natural oils, as some of them can fool you. For example, I’ve read the back of hair care products and seen some use mineral oil as a filler ingredient. This resulted in clogged hair pores, preventing my hair to grow to its full potential. It will also block your hair from receiving the true benefits of the natural oil, resulting in dry, dull hair strands.


3. Any Type of Sulfate

Many women have completely transformed their hair washing routine: to washing their hair with conditioner and tossing shampoo altogether. Sulfate and sulfate-related ingredients are found in dish soaps. These ingredients can completely strip the hair of its natural oils, resulting in drier hair and more breakage. Using sulfates on your hair once in a while is okay, especially if your hair has a lot of build up. Try to keep it to a minimum.

4. Alcohol

If our body hates alcohol, why are we slapping it in our hair daily? Alcohol is also a very drying ingredient that can leave your hair snapping at every touch.

Be sure to come back to Flawless Living next week for my recommended hair care ingredients!

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