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How do you know when you’re in love or just infatuated with someone? There are more in-depth things to factor when it comes to differentiating them.

For starters, this love would never hurt us on purpose. In fact, they’ll try not to even hurt us by accident. They pull us from our nightmares and show us how to dream. They’ll climb the highest mountain so we can fly on their wings. They are compassionate and so full of passion even Cupid would turn green with envy. But when you are infatuated with someone it’s usually not because of the way they make you feel; but rather the way you feel as your heart acknowledges things like their level of popularity. Maybe they fill in for something you are lacking like self-love, or perhaps they remind you of someone you once valued romantically. With infatuation, you can’t stop wanting to be with them, even if they don’t desire to be with you in the same way.

Now, of course, you could be in love and still feel you need them like your lungs need air or a thief needs to steal, but believe it or not, it will do you a world of good to distinguish the two. For one, you won’t accept certain things nor would you expect the things you would if there was true love. Examples are wanting them to take you out, and talking to you and treating you a certain way. This is very important to differentiate because you lessen your chances of being disappointed, hurt or shocked by any outcome.

Take the time to examine what is between you—what would or wouldn’t they do to prove their love? Is there actual romance where it’s impossible to be confused—a kiss on the lips, consistent terms of endearment—things like that? Once you figure it out, take a deep breath for you have just been enlightened! Let this awakening guide you towards your future relationships and let it allow you to know when love actually does come your way.

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    06 05 2016

    Very good article post.Really thank you! Cool.

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