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The 2015 winter season is fast approaching, despite the misleading, constantly confusing weather. Many women desire to look stylish at all times, but forget about the dropping temperatures until they step outside. Even I have struggled to find the balance between style and comfort over the years, but if you think about it’s truly an easy thing to conquer: LAYER.

Layering your outfit will save you from the freezing cold weather and can be achieved in so many ways. You definitely don’t have to be in sweats and clunky coats to achieve warmth. Here are my tips to help you achieve style and comfort cohesively:

Wear Tights or Stockings

Tights are a great way to keep your legs warm, as well as a wonderful way to show your sense of style. Stockings are just one dimensional anymore. Different colors and designs of tights can be seen on the women of New York City everyday. Layer for winter by wearing them with skirts and dresses, or underneath jeans and pants to keep extra warm.



Affaire 10 Thigh-High Stockings


Donna Karan

Luxe Layer Tights



Sheer Fashion Pantyhose, Diamond



Long Sleeve Shirts Are An Essential.

V-neck, button-up and turtleneck long sleeve shirts are some essentials you probably have hanging in your closet already. They can be simple or with fashionable touches, like a peter pan collar. My advice is to pair long sleeve shirts with short sleeved items you own. For example, you can wear a collared white long sleeve button up underneath a sleeveless black dress. This is a great way to incorporate your spring and summer wardrobe into your winter outfits, while laying and keeping cozy.

Dylan Gray

Ruched Wrap Tee


Bella Dahl

Crossback Shirt



The Classic Coat…With A Twist

The coat is always important to layer for winter outfits. But not every coat has to be super bulky and heavy to keep you warm. Not to mention color options! Step out of your black and grey comport zone and add a pop of color to your ensemble with the following options:


Belted Wrap Coat


London Fog

Heritage Trench Coat (with Detachable Liner)


Burberry Brit

‘Mid Allerdale’ Belted Quilted Down Coat (with Detachable Hood)


Bonus Tip

Check out my previous article on chic winter sweaters here! It gives you tips on finding the perfect sweater based on your style and budget!


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