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Imagine taking a break from the normal sandy beach resorts and escaping to the mountains of St. Lucia. With an average temperature of 83 to 87 degrees, this is the perfect getaway for anyone.

Ladera, one of the most distinguished resorts worldwide, is a hidden paradise for adults looking for a romantic getaway, honeymoon, anniversary, wedding, or just a much-deserved vacation.

Overlooking the twin volcanic Piton spires and crystal clear turquoise Caribbean Sea, surrounded by the lush and colorful rainforest, you are exposed to breathtaking panoramic views. The resort itself is architecturally designed to catch cross breezes and immerse you in nature with fresh air and birds singing. Sounds like paradise to me.

Not only does the resort enrich you with the harmony of nature, the suites will spoil you rotten! There are 32 suites, each with a private pool on the west side to provide total privacy. The rooms have a feel of a luxury tree house with phenomenal sunset views and an unobstructed stargazing design. To top it off…there is no fourth wall! Don’t worry; the rooms are built to be safe and sheltered from anything or anyone else. With nets over the beds bugs will not be an issue for you either. I am impressed with the detail that goes into each room. Surrounding the room and borders of the pool are exotic flowers, inside the room is beautiful woodwork from ground to ceiling, and ample space to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of the rainforest.

When I go on vacation, I do love to get out of my room and be active, taking in the culture and history of where I am staying. Ladera provides many fun activities, from glass bottom boat tours, horseback riding, sailing and snorkeling, zipline adventures, to climbing and hiking tours and much more.

If you are like me and imagine a beautiful destination wedding, Ladera offers reasonable wedding packages where a specialist will ensure an exquisite and unique experience ($2400). Not looking to be wed? They even have a special package for renewing your vows ($995)! I couldn’t imagine a more beautiful place to have your special day.

It’s one thing to read about the various activities, amenities, and packages, but looking at the photos will solidify that this resort is unlike any other. From the location to the resort itself, Ladera truly embodies what a ‘paradise getaway’ really is.

Sources and Photos: Ladera

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