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What is it Camelia?

Camellia is a popular flower grown is south East Asia, the oil itself is made from the seed of the Camellia japonica plant.

It has been used for thousand of years by the women of China, Japan and Korea.. It’s always good to try new oils. The Fragrant is light and pleasant as it is extracted from flowers a nice surprise for the hair.

Why is it so Good and so popular in Japan?

What makes Camellia stand out from other oils is its ability to counteract the effects of hard water, which is great if you are living in hard water areas.

It protects the hair from drying out so in the winter months it is the perfect; don’t be afraid to use it in summer also it has the ability to protect the hair from the damaging UV and environmental exposure. This oil is the secret behind the Japanese Geishas shiny hair and beautiful skin so get on board.

The vitamins included in the oil are also important A B C E and Polyphenol, natural antioxidants all essential vitamins for healthy hair and skin

Tip from Geishas of Japan

A unique way of applying oils to the hair

Japanese Women of Geisha would often soak there Wooden combs In Camellia oil a few hours before using the comb or the night before . It would provide just the right amount of oil to Transfer on to the hair strands. Wooden combs are also perfect because they are seamless and less likely to cause hair breakage.

How to use

Japanese women use as a leave conditioner applying on damp hair, it can also be used as a hot oil treatment or Daily concentrating on the ends. Give it a try you hair will thank you.

A good Brand is Fushi Organic Camellia oil, it is 100% natural and the reviews are defiantly  impressive. So Go on ladies and gents get you hair shine on and give the oil a try.





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