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The aim of this piece is to enlighten us about channeling our mind correctly. As a continuous generator of thoughts, ideas, plans and beliefs, our mind works throughout the course of existence. With no restrictions over its functioning, it often tends to drift away from the goal. While it is extremely essential to involve into constructive activities, beneficial tasks, useful deals and healthy ideas, it is equally essential to draw a line over our thinking. As thoughts are just fragments of our imagination, unless we invest efforts to convert them into practical aspects, we cannot expect success and happiness. Working hard towards the goal, while refraining ourselves from aimless thinking is extremely necessary to achieve all the dreams and wishes in life.

Controlling our mind at the right time ensures progress and development. While wandering around without any limits, our mind may force us to worry. Giving fuel to negative thoughts, it may continue its harmful course. Ability to channel our thoughts in the right direction, for the right purpose is extremely essential for a happy course of living. By encouraging our mind to invest into positive ideas and think within beneficial limits, we can ensure happiness for all those around us. As rightly said ‘Empty mind is devil’s workshop, in the same manner ‘loaded mind’ can also transform into a dangerous factory. This makes it necessary to control the way our mind works.












What are the ways to ensure this desired goal?

  1. Refrain from over-thinking about any particular situation.


  1. Engage yourself into constructive work during the spare time – be it an interesting hobby you love or a skill you always wanted to learn about.


  1. Say no to aimless wandering of the mind, remind yourself about its harm.


  1. Do not encourage your mind to invest into negative thoughts, criticism, destructive plans and harmful ideas for others.


  1. Spend quality ‘me’ time while encouraging healthy discussions with the inner mind.


  1. Stay away from tensions, worries and anxieties as they promote distractions.


  1. Cut yourself from any negative idea that seems to make a firm grip over the mind.


  1. Read, watch and speak about positive motivation and beneficial inspiration.


Follow these eight steps for a healthy state of mind, after all controlling at the right time yields the right result.


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