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You brush your hair and teeth without a thought (hopefully), but what about your skin? It only makes sense that our body’s largest organ needs the same exfoliating attention. Dry brushing is a free, quick way to nourish your wellbeing and get soft, supple, and glowing skin.

How does it work?

Your skin is an organ of elimination, and dry brushing aids in detoxification. It stimulates your lymphatic system, unclogging pores and removing the toxins that are trapped in the skin. In doing so, it allows your skin to breathe— and reveal its true radiance! This self-care ritual improves circulation to give you a youthful glow, and has even been known to diminish the appearance of cellulite with its skin plumping and swelling action.

How To Dry Brush

It’s best to dry brush before a shower, so that you can wash off any lingering dead skin. Start at your feet and use long smooth strokes to brush skin, working upwards toward your heart. Brush each area several times using light but firm sweeping motions. Give rougher areas, like your elbows and ankles, extra attention to slough off the dead skin cells.

Your skin will be slightly pink afterwards, but it will be less sensitive as you incorporate the practice into your routine. Now that your pores are opened up, your skin will be able to hydrate more efficiently, and it’s a great idea to moisturize with lotion or oil afterwards to replenish skin. Brush your body only—stay away from the face! In addition, take care to avoid any patches of skin rashes, psoriasis, or poison ivy.

It doesn’t hurt that dry brushing is actually fun to do. It’s truly a meditative routine that feels like a light self-massage—except it’s free! It feels good and invigorating, giving you a rush of energy and getting your blood flowing. Softer, smoother skin is yours for the taking after dry brushing just once.

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