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My puppy is an 11 month old Shiba-Inu. Aside from eating everything in sight, she is also teething. I never noticed though, that she was occasionally biting her collar. It wasn’t until it snapped that I freaked. Thank God I use a harness to walk my puppy. But, I know many owners that attach their leash to their dog’s collar. So this is not ok. Having a collar that holds your dog’s contact information break because of occasional chewing is horrible.

The collar I had was a Petco PetSafe collar. It fit my puppy tight. I did the standard test and was only able to fit two fingers in between the collar. When it snapped I knew I had to share this story, as I know firsthand that many owners buy collars from Petco. So here are a few options for teething puppies:


LupinePet have an amazing guarantee and design. If you ever walk your dog at night or even take them hiking, Lupine specifically designs collars that are perceivable to the eye at night. Secondly, if for some reason the collar is chewed through, and after reading reviews it is not often this happens, you get a new one in the mail two days later.

Purchase the LupinePet here.

Tuff Leash

Another company that is worth buying from is Tuff Leash. The name of the brand doesn’t do justice to how fashionable these collars are. They come in a range of colors from Purple Passion to Raspberry to Mocha. Like LupinePet, Tuff Leash also has a lifetime guarantee.

Purchase the Tuff Leash here.


A final brand that I have tested against my own puppy is Dog+Bone. Not only are the collars stylish but they are manufactured in Austin and have a great return policy. Also, if it’s worth anything, Dog+Bite has been “BarkLab” tested and approved.

Purchase Dog+Bone here.

As dog parents, it is our responsibility to make sure we are doing all we can to keep our puppies safe. Part of this means making sure we are well informed. But, in speaking of myself, I know the last thought I had was in researching collars. But I learned the hard way that one of the most important things for your puppy’s safety is investing in a reliable collar.

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