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Many of us have been stabbed in the back by someone we least expected. Maybe we’ve met someone who was deceiving enough for us to befriend or maybe someone was not so deceiving as to the type of person they were but we still, against everyone’s warning, gave them a fighting chance so long as their ways did not negatively affect us. But low and behold the unthinkable happens—they betray us!

At first we think, “Really? I’ve helped them through their struggles! They even had the nerve to console me through mine! This can’t be so!” Alas, you finally come to the realization that while that person was holding you with one hand he or she was stabbing you with the other.

Now you have a wounded heart and this infliction leads you to believe you will never recover. In addition, you are utterly enraged and want nothing more than to see them suffer as much as you. But how could you handle being betrayed? Well, despite your situation, you must take strides to respond; not react. A helpful way to do this is to take some time to reflect—get upset and point blank go through the motions, but do this only in the company of either yourself or anyone not involved in betraying you. Often times others can help you control your response and can even shed light on why someone has betrayed you. Another idea is to examine the betrayer. Most of the time people are beyond miserable and are lonely enough to create misery for others regardless of who’s affected. It is in their nature so it is vital that you make every effort not to internalize what they have said or done to hurt you.

After the madness becomes subtle and you’ve calmed down you may realize your energy can be used for possibly confronting them in a civil manner and even if their response is not as civil or if they are not responsive, you can move on, leaving them to watch you walk away with poise. Believe me, it may hurt in the beginning but their betrayal may be a great lesson worthy of the highest degree and for that, thank them, for you have won victoriously!

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