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It’s amazing how someone can come into your space and change your whole mood, whether it turns into having a bad or good day. We often hear remarks such as “don’t let them take you there,” but sometimes it seems impossible. Yes, you can control your behavior, but there are times when enough is enough and you are just about to burst!

Then there are times when your girls or guy friends can come around and some how seem to manage to turn that frown into a smile! What you are experiencing is what I like to call the feel-good vibes. Nothing like having your friends around to provide you anything less than love and support. Just think, sharing moments with your friends you find yourself constantly laughing, smiling, bouncing around like a kid and most important stress free from any dilemmas’ you suffered or still suffering at the time.

Your circle of friends whether it is small or large can be your outlet when things seems to go haywire from our everyday lives. These are people who are going to be honest with you regardless if you want to hear it or not. They will always lend you a shoulder when you need to shed a few tears or an ear to talk off on the phone even when the conversation has been discussed a thousand times but who cares that’s what friends are for!

Now let’s be honest not everyone fits that bill! So when you find it keep it, and never take it for granted or dishonor the friendship. Friends are truly hard to come by these days. I honestly feel that my circle has my best interest I say that because they push me to do things that I am not confident in. They boost my self esteem by believing in me. They show me love, and support my crazy ideas even it is far fetched. With them it is never an I it is always WE. To me that is powerful and uplifting to have a circle of individuals to go through life with knowing we are in it for the long haul and that my friend, makes life much easier.

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    Michelle Singleton

    02 05 2016

    Beautifully said.

  • Reply

    Detra Tart

    02 05 2016

    Great Job!!!! Keep up the good work& continue to influence others.

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