Hope, wishes, prayers, dreams – all these terms point to the desires we possess in life. Be it materialistic pleasures or victorious ambitions, challenging positions or exciting opportunities we all hope to achieve something in life. Amidst sea of hardships, troubles, failures and uncertainties, hope is the answer to every trouble. Having faith in ourselves and belief in our actions can take us towards what we desire. Hope keeps our ... Read more

The 2015 winter season is fast approaching, despite the misleading, constantly confusing weather. Many women desire to look stylish at all times, but forget about the dropping temperatures until they step outside. Even I have struggled to find the balance between style and comfort over the years, but if you think about it’s truly an easy thing to conquer: LAYER. Layering your outfit will save you from the freezing cold ... Read more

Above is a Natural Makeup Tutorial that Flawless Living founder Chantelle Fraser did in collaboration with Cover FX. Founded in 2000 in Ontario, Canada, Cover FX began on a base of providing irritant-free makeup to customers that also wouldn’t disrupt the environment. Cover FX expanded into the United Kingdom in 2006, followed by the United States in 2007. The brand has been known to provide high quality makeup with a ... Read more

I’ve always loved the scent of roses. Fresh roses, rose oils, rose scented candles, rose infused beauty products, rose perfume – especially Van Cleef & Arpels’ Rose Velours, Aerin Lauder’s Evening Rose, and Le Labo’s Rose 31 – which is my absolute favorite. These all smell heavenly, but in addition to arousing your senses this symbolic flower of beauty is also known to provide myriad health benefits, which may explain why the flower has been favored for centuries by artists, lovers, and even doctors. Pictured ... Read more

All of these exercises are performed without weights. If you are prefer to lift some small weights but do not own any then you can use gallon jugs of milk or water. In my opinion exercising is essential for a vibrant lifestyle. Some people choose to be a part of it enthusiastically and some just don’t have the time. Limited time availability is the number one reason why my clients ... Read more


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