Spring is finally here! There has been one fashion item that everyone has been turning to for a effortless and flawless look. The item is pretty simple: it’s a dress. But not just any dress: The Slip Dress. The origins of the slip dress go back to the 1920’s, when it was introduced to the fashion world as a undergarment. The slip was created to replace the infamous corset. Corsets were constructed with ... Read more

The 2015 winter season is fast approaching, despite the misleading, constantly confusing weather. Many women desire to look stylish at all times, but forget about the dropping temperatures until they step outside. Even I have struggled to find the balance between style and comfort over the years, but if you think about it’s truly an easy thing to conquer: LAYER. Layering your outfit will save you from the freezing cold ... Read more

The holiday season is upon us! Cups of Hot Chocolate circulate and layers start to pile on. But you can’t possibly layer properly for the cold without cozy winter sweaters! Whether you love color, texture, comfort or a combination of many things, there’s a special winter sweater out there for everyone and I’m here to help you figure it out. Generally, there are three types of sweaters: the Pullover, the ... Read more

For the last seven days, the streets of New York City have been electrified. Amazing street style  has been a focal point and celebrities from every corner of the world flocked to the Big Apple for one coveted event: New York Fashion Week. Even with the change up of the location from Lincoln Center, the show went on as people attended events all over the city to look at new ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. With the summer season winding down and fall vastly approaching, why not add a new necklace from Pico Jewelry to your wardrobe! Pico Jewelry is a New York-based jewelry business that began in 1976. The family-owned company is one of my favorites for my personal jewelry. We at Flawless Living have teamed up with Pico Jewelry to create a customized Flawless logo necklace for one ... Read more

Many people have issues with finding their personal style. Whether you’re following the latest trends or struggling to find an outfit to wear to an event, it’s good to know that discovering your style is not an overnight thing and that it is okay to make mistakes along the way. Here are my tips to help you find your fashion style: finding your style is a process Like I previously ... Read more

With August coming to a close and September fast approaching, many women begin to wonder if they need to immediately go shopping for a new wardrobe. What I first suggest is glancing into your closet and grabbing the fall basics you already own to transform your summer clothes into chic fall fashion wear. Once you do that, you’ll realize that you won’t have to shop for as many items, but for ... Read more

A tote is a large sized bag, ideal for carrying many items. Tote bags have evolved from being simple and made of Canvas, to becoming known as the essential bag for combining style and functionality. The tote bag is perfect for many occasions because of its numerous styles and designs. There’s a tote for everyone: the businesswoman, for the casual stroll, and for the beach-goer. The Businesswoman This woman is ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. Phone accessories have become a fashion statement of their own; and we here at Flawless Living love the phone cases from Revisit! Made in Mesa, Arizona in the United States, their cases are composed of 100% Brass and Acetal Plastic. Screwed into place with its own special screwdriver, Revisit’s iPhone cases provide classic protection with modern style. Revisit Products are a personal favorite of mine ... Read more

It’s mid-July, the temperature is rising and you want to visit the beach or your local pool. Are you searching for new swimwear before you cool off? You’re in luck. Whether you’re a Budget-Friendly Diva, a Moderately-Priced Princess, or an All-Expenses-Paid Woman, you’ll find the perfect swimsuit with the guide below. 1. The Black One-Piece If you looking for more coverage in a swimsuit, look no further. The black one ... Read more


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