Liquid lipsticks have taken over the beauty industry in the last three years. They are known for their long-lasting formulas with a matte finish. Everyone and their mother owns at least two liquid lipsticks.  Some liquid lipstick brands stand out from the rest, because not only are they selling amazing products, but their products are also vegan and cruelty-free. Below are my top four picks for vegan, liquid lipstick brands. Lime ... Read more

In last week’s article, I talked about the four ingredients you should avoid when purchasing hair care products. This week, I have two ingredients that will do wonders on your hair strands. Look out for these amazing ingredients for the hair: Hibiscus The benefits of hibiscus are endless! If you use this ingredient over time, your hair will begin to shine naturally and feel smoother. The science behind this is ... Read more

There has been a big change to the hair care industry in the past 12 years. Many companies have been listening to their customers and choosing to finally remove ingredients that are no good for our hair strands. Never before have we seem such a big concentration on natural, more simplistic hair ingredients. There is a big reason why these ingredients are becoming less and less popular. Check the back of your hair ... Read more

I love being a vegan. I’ve learned how to eat healthy without the need of meat and I’ve never been happier! Being a vegan helps me stay in shape and it also saves dozens of animals’ lives. This year, I’ve decided to expand my veganism to the products I use. I thought that finding beauty products and applicators would be a challenge, but surprisingly it hasn’t been. International beauty brand Royal ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. “Beauty should never compromise health.”  This is the philosophy of Melissa Butler, founder and mixologist of The Lip Bar. Melissa began her company in 2012, after growing tired of toxic cosmetics. She studied the chemistry of cosmetics and eventually created 12 handmade lipstick shades. The Lip Bar is a representation of what true beauty should equate to: health. The Lip Bar’s lipsticks are created with natural, vegan ... Read more

Spring is finally here! There has been one fashion item that everyone has been turning to for a effortless and flawless look. The item is pretty simple: it’s a dress. But not just any dress: The Slip Dress. The origins of the slip dress go back to the 1920’s, when it was introduced to the fashion world as a undergarment. The slip was created to replace the infamous corset. Corsets were constructed with ... Read more

Now we know why mermaids are so stunning: It’s all the beautifying ingredients found in the ocean, from glow-boosting algae to skin-soothing seaweed! You may think of seaweed as that icky, slimy stuff that gets tangled in your feet at the beach, but a nutrient-rich dose of the deep sea is just what you need to revitalize your beauty routine. Who knew a seaweed bath was the elixir of youth? ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. Deodorant is something that everybody uses on a daily basis. It helps us from smelling like we are perspiring all day. While they are inexpensive and effective, conventional deodorants are made of chemicals that aren’t made to be placed under our arms. Enter Jaime Schmidt, a woman who has a passion for natural body care products. When Jaime began Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, she was pregnant. ... Read more

You brush your hair and teeth without a thought (hopefully), but what about your skin? It only makes sense that our body’s largest organ needs the same exfoliating attention. Dry brushing is a free, quick way to nourish your wellbeing and get soft, supple, and glowing skin. How does it work? Your skin is an organ of elimination, and dry brushing aids in detoxification. It stimulates your lymphatic system, unclogging ... Read more

2015 was the year of exaggeration for makeup. Exaggeration; as in contouring the face five different ways, concealing about half the face, and baking to achieve a “beat face.” These 2015 trends were trail-blazed by the overdrawn lip look, made famous by Kylie Jenner. But overdrawn no more! We are turning a new leaf in 2016, where makeup will look flawless, but in a subdue way. Curious on how to achieve ... Read more


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