In yoga, the four paths—karma, bhakti, raja, and jnana—are all supposed to lead to the same place: the ultimate union. Karma yoga is the path through action, the idea that selfless service and dedicated work leads to discovering the ultimate truth. If you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, “Karma Yoga” may apply to you in a pretty practical way. Perhaps you’re eager to take more classes, but strapped for ... Read more

If you enjoyed my article about weight loss myths last week, I’ve got a few more to tell you about. Here are the other five weight loss myths that need to be busted!   6. Myth: exercise needs to be hardcore to count. Working out comes in many forms, and not all of them will leave you breathless and drenched in sweat. Exercise doesn’t have to be spending an hour ... Read more

It’s never too early to begin your pre-summer workout! The first thing anybody should do if they want the perfect summer body is pay key attention to their diet. I know that this means cutting the sweets, simple carbs or late night eating…but the good news is you can eat food that are green, and who doesn’t love green looking foods! To get you started, get yourself a bag and ... Read more

Achieving that V shaped body is something that almost everyone wishes they had, but its not possible without putting the right amount of work into exercising your back. The upper back gains support from the lower, mid and upper trapezius muscles, latissimus dorsi and rhomboids. Working on these muscles enhances the strength of your upper body and defines your torso as well. Keeping them toned and well cared for can ... Read more

In our second installment of the Fall Workout Series, the focus will be towards a toned stomach. The abs or core is another super sexy muscle that has the ability to boost up the way anybody looks. To work on this large muscle, you don’t need to go crazy with exercises. The correct ab exercises done at the right frequency is key to proper development. No crunches necessary! 1. Standard ... Read more

Fitness is in and it’s getting more and more popular every year. Whether it is at the gym or at home, some sort of workout is probably on your priority list for the night. In my opinion it’s an activity that can be fun! Exercise also helps distract the mind for a little! At the same time, putting a lot of effort into researching all the new exercises and trends ... Read more

All of these exercises are performed without weights. If you are prefer to lift some small weights but do not own any then you can use gallon jugs of milk or water. In my opinion exercising is essential for a vibrant lifestyle. Some people choose to be a part of it enthusiastically and some just don’t have the time. Limited time availability is the number one reason why my clients ... Read more


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