Until the world makes a major shift toward more plant based diets and products it is almost impossible to live in society and avoid every animal product. What you can do is try to do the least harm your life will allow without running away to live in a vegan commune in the woods where you make everything you eat and use yourself. However there are some common products that ... Read more

At a certain point, most of us arrive at the same conclusion: Crash dieting never works. Crazy workouts and cleanses are in no way sustainable. And depriving yourself makes you completely insane. We know that calorie-counting makes you cranky and is ineffective in general. How can you gain relief without letting your weight balloon out of control? The answer is so intrinsically obvious, but is somehow drowned out by the ... Read more

I have been a vegetarian for fifteen years, but for my daughter, this is all new. She is still in high school and it’s been interesting to see this life choice through her fresh eyes. Last week she told me, “I’ve been happier since I went vegetarian.” My first thought was, “Of course you are. You have always been an animal lover and caretaker. Now your diet aligns with your ... Read more

In the present age, food is never what it seems anymore. Now more than ever, consumers are often finding out that there are many artificial ingredients being used in their meat. Special steroids are given to animals to help them grow faster, and these steroids are very harmful for people. Therefore, a better option for you is to go vegan. This requires that you avoid any animal related product, even the diary products. You ... Read more

The arrival of spring makes me think more about my health. The weather is perfect for exercising outdoors and the world is starting to turn green. The weather is also just right for many herbs that not only have culinary benefits but health benefits as well. Some of these herbs pack more of a healthy punch than more commonly known healthy fruits and vegetables. Cilantro Cilantro is high in antioxidants ... Read more

Are you new to Jackfruit as a meat replacement? Personally, I took a little while to warm up to the idea. I think I was initially turned off by the name. I couldn’t imagine fruit taking the place of meat in a recipe. It was my newly turned vegetarian daughter who convinced me to try it out. One thing was for sure, it certainly looked like meat. So much so ... Read more

In trying to be healthy, we tend to focus on just diet and/or exercise and jump from one quick fix to another. But most of us struggle with our health and can’t seem to figure out how to make sustainable improvement. I believe that we don’t focus enough on the most profound factor affecting our health: chronic stress. Human beings have a magnificent stress response, but now our stress response ... Read more

If only figuring out how to lose weight were an open and shut case. But if slimming down happens to be a goal of yours, you may have experienced the struggle of parsing through conflicting weight-loss advice. Here, I explain the truth behind popular misguided pieces of weight-loss information.   Myth: All carbs will make you gain pounds. Some people equate carbs with weight gain because they bind water and can ... Read more

If scanning the beauty aisle is overwhelming, tackling the list of foreign looking ingredients on the product label is must be a nightmare. Common sense probably tells you that the more ingredients a product has, the worse it is—and that’s usually correct. The cosmetic industry is a 20 billion dollar industry, yet the majority of our beauty products have never been evaluated for safety. With the average woman absorbing five pounds ... Read more

It’s never too early to begin your pre-summer workout! The first thing anybody should do if they want the perfect summer body is pay key attention to their diet. I know that this means cutting the sweets, simple carbs or late night eating…but the good news is you can eat food that are green, and who doesn’t love green looking foods! To get you started, get yourself a bag and ... Read more


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