It’s amazing how someone can come into your space and change your whole mood, whether it turns into having a bad or good day. We often hear remarks such as “don’t let them take you there,” but sometimes it seems impossible. Yes, you can control your behavior, but there are times when enough is enough and you are just about to burst! Then there are times when your girls or

I love being a vegan. I’ve learned how to eat healthy without the need of meat and I’ve never been happier! Being a vegan helps me stay in shape and it also saves dozens of animals’ lives. This year, I’ve decided to expand my veganism to the products I use. I thought that finding beauty products and applicators would be a challenge, but surprisingly it hasn’t been. International beauty brand Royal

A significant factor that casts its spell over every domain of our living, patience and stability are extremely crucial. Patient conduct and stability in thoughts determine the nature of outcome. Power of patience radiates its influence around, taking us towards success and happiness. Impatience in attitude invites troubles, errors, disappointment and worries. Concentrating on the course of our journey, rather than worrying about the end product in the future is

In yoga, the four paths—karma, bhakti, raja, and jnana—are all supposed to lead to the same place: the ultimate union. Karma yoga is the path through action, the idea that selfless service and dedicated work leads to discovering the ultimate truth. If you’re looking to deepen your yoga practice, “Karma Yoga” may apply to you in a pretty practical way. Perhaps you’re eager to take more classes, but strapped for

In the present age, food is never what it seems anymore. Now more than ever, consumers are often finding out that there are many artificial ingredients being used in their meat. Special steroids are given to animals to help them grow faster, and these steroids are very harmful for people. Therefore, a better option for you is to go vegan. This requires that you avoid any animal related product, even the diary products. You

Many of us have been stabbed in the back by someone we least expected. Maybe we’ve met someone who was deceiving enough for us to befriend or maybe someone was not so deceiving as to the type of person they were but we still, against everyone’s warning, gave them a fighting chance so long as their ways did not negatively affect us. But low and behold the unthinkable happens—they betray

The arrival of spring makes me think more about my health. The weather is perfect for exercising outdoors and the world is starting to turn green. The weather is also just right for many herbs that not only have culinary benefits but health benefits as well. Some of these herbs pack more of a healthy punch than more commonly known healthy fruits and vegetables. Cilantro Cilantro is high in antioxidants

As a key to eternal happiness and long lasting joy, inner peace of mind plays an important role. With tremendous power to influence our thoughts, emotions, belief, and satisfaction fuels our course of journey. Though we often tend to depend on external sources for our happiness and joy, pure stream of joy rooting from deep within radiates its true magic all around. Finding inner happiness paves way for our development

Have you ever sat by the phone, wondering when you’d receive a call or even a text from that special someone? What about that slight display of affection we expect—a hug when we walk through the door. A kiss at an intense moment. We patiently wait and we still don’t hear from them. Now, instead of us taking the initiative we refuse to express ourselves, believing we shouldn’t have to

Coachella has come and gone, and most of us mere mortals were left to stalk the celebrity style instead of attending the (extremely expensive) event ourselves. Not to worry— summer was made for festivals, and there’s no certainly no shortage for summer 2016. Camping out surrounded by a sea of new friends, the air vibrating with the sound of live music, is an unrivaled summer experience. Here are five unforgettable


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