Jul 2016

Power of Hope

Hope, wishes, prayers, dreams – all these terms point to the desires we possess in life. Be it materialistic pleasures or victorious ambitions, challenging positions or exciting opportunities we all hope to achieve something in life. Amidst sea of hardships, troubles, failures and uncertainties, hope is the answer to every trouble. Having faith in ourselves and belief in our actions can take us towards what we desire. Hope keeps our

I have never thought the words technology and pet would go hand in hand. Pets and animals needing or having technology is nonsensical. As humans, we have grown to need technology. Personally, I wouldn’t ever leave my house without my phone because I need it for every day functions. I get directions, updates, work emails, and all other technological perks that I can’t live without. But what does my dog

The aim of this piece is to enlighten us about channeling our mind correctly. As a continuous generator of thoughts, ideas, plans and beliefs, our mind works throughout the course of existence. With no restrictions over its functioning, it often tends to drift away from the goal. While it is extremely essential to involve into constructive activities, beneficial tasks, useful deals and healthy ideas, it is equally essential to draw


Jun 2016

Dynamics of Mind

As a primary core of our life, as the central domain of our existence- mind plays an important role throughout the journey called ‘life’. Generating thoughts, feelings, emotions and ideas, mind works with us closely for every aspect of living. Be it dreams and aspirations that motivate us to work hard, or emotional bonds that connect us with our loved ones, be it doubts and fears that hold us back

As rightly said, ‘Change is the only constant’; changes enter and exit our lives as regular features – bringing transformation, offering variations. Changes prompt us to move towards success, efforts, hard work and happiness. Though changes and variations tend to disturb our routine, besides showering us with the fear of a new beginning, they do play an important role in our lives. As extremely essential factors that can drive one

Until the world makes a major shift toward more plant based diets and products it is almost impossible to live in society and avoid every animal product. What you can do is try to do the least harm your life will allow without running away to live in a vegan commune in the woods where you make everything you eat and use yourself. However there are some common products that

Liquid lipsticks have taken over the beauty industry in the last three years. They are known for their long-lasting formulas with a matte finish. Everyone and their mother owns at least two liquid lipsticks.  Some liquid lipstick brands stand out from the rest, because not only are they selling amazing products, but their products are also vegan and cruelty-free. Below are my top four picks for vegan, liquid lipstick brands. Lime

At a certain point, most of us arrive at the same conclusion: Crash dieting never works. Crazy workouts and cleanses are in no way sustainable. And depriving yourself makes you completely insane. We know that calorie-counting makes you cranky and is ineffective in general. How can you gain relief without letting your weight balloon out of control? The answer is so intrinsically obvious, but is somehow drowned out by the

Have you ever walked into a room full of people and immediately felt that you were out of place? Well, once you begin to look at the bigger picture you will realize that there could be something hidden that is triggering that feeling. Let’s be honest do you really know why you felt that way? Did anything take place in that room that made you feel uncomfortable? I am quite

My puppy is an 11 month old Shiba-Inu. Aside from eating everything in sight, she is also teething. I never noticed though, that she was occasionally biting her collar. It wasn’t until it snapped that I freaked. Thank God I use a harness to walk my puppy. But, I know many owners that attach their leash to their dog’s collar. So this is not ok. Having a collar that holds


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