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Ladies! Spring is here, and, well, you know what that means. If you don’t, let me share: It’s the start of the height of the dating season! The weather is warmer, daylight is lasting longer and the birds are starting to chirp. Everyone’s moods are lighter (and friskier!) and there’s no need to hibernate indoors anymore. So get ready lovely ladies! As your favorite Matchmaker and Love Expert, I’m here to remind you that indeed, every single person is itching to get out and mingle – and we need to start by considering what we are going to wear that will present our most fabulous selves to these lucky men.

Planning starts with one important key factor: Color. Studies have shown that men are in fact swayed by color when it comes to the mating/dating game. The colors below are top picks that refer to the lighter side of the color spectrum. HINT: think pastels and Easter eggs, versus dark shades of blue or green that might be worn in winter.

Here’s a quick guide to help you zero in on colors that are best for your first dates, while also keeping in step with what’s in fashion this spring.

Best Wearable Spring Date Colors:

The top pick? Red! Although this may seem like a darker choice, it’s the exception that always rules in dating. Red is a proven attracter for men, in any season, including red lipstick.

Blue – sky and ocean shades

Greens – pastels or light sea foam

Peaches/Corals/Orange – not neon! Again, pastels up to a soft tangerine


The WORST picks for a first spring date?  Yellow or mustard, according to men, plus brown, black, pink, purple, and grey. Remember, this is a season of lightness, optimism and new hope – bring that into your love life, too!

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