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Have you ever walked into a room full of people and immediately felt that you were out of place? Well, once you begin to look at the bigger picture you will realize that there could be something hidden that is triggering that feeling.

Let’s be honest do you really know why you felt that way? Did anything take place in that room that made you feel uncomfortable? I am quite sure the answer is no. What you maybe fearing is rejection. You basically convinced yourself that you didn’t fit in to because you were afraid of not being accepted into that environment so you ejected yourself before anyone could reject you.

A lot of times we distant ourselves from people because we aren’t fulfilled with who we are. This is something that just didn’t happen overnight it could have came from your childhood of being bullied as a child, or verbally abused by a parent. There are many factors that can very much lead to a situation such as this but it is never to late to start finding a solution to the problem. Regardless of what has taken place you need to realize that you are just as important as anyone else. You don’t have to compare or disguise yourself to fit in any surrounding. Be yourself because there is someone out there who needs what you have.

I always stress to people that it is okay if not everyone likes you or wants your company surround yourself with individuals that do. Never hesitate to let your voice be heard, speak for what you believe in and achieve whatever you desire.  Don’t worry about fitting in and being accepted with the crowd move in your own space, and be comfortable with what you are bringing to the table.

In the words of Mrs. Viola Davis: You is kind, you is smart. you is important.

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