Liquid lipsticks have taken over the beauty industry in the last three years. They are known for their long-lasting formulas with a matte finish. Everyone and their mother owns at least two liquid lipsticks.  Some liquid lipstick brands stand out from the rest, because not only are they selling amazing products, but their products are also vegan and cruelty-free. Below are my top four picks for vegan, liquid lipstick brands. Lime ... Read more

Spring is finally here! There has been one fashion item that everyone has been turning to for a effortless and flawless look. The item is pretty simple: it’s a dress. But not just any dress: The Slip Dress. The origins of the slip dress go back to the 1920’s, when it was introduced to the fashion world as a undergarment. The slip was created to replace the infamous corset. Corsets were constructed with ... Read more

2015 was the year of exaggeration for makeup. Exaggeration; as in contouring the face five different ways, concealing about half the face, and baking to achieve a “beat face.” These 2015 trends were trail-blazed by the overdrawn lip look, made famous by Kylie Jenner. But overdrawn no more! We are turning a new leaf in 2016, where makeup will look flawless, but in a subdue way. Curious on how to achieve ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. 2015 was the year of curl hair. More and more women ditched their flat irons and embraced their natural curls. One of those women was me. When you have curly hair, there’s always a never-ending search to find the best products for you. During this search, many women become product junkies, which is buying numerous amounts care products that they heard about online. If you ... Read more

The 2015 winter season is fast approaching, despite the misleading, constantly confusing weather. Many women desire to look stylish at all times, but forget about the dropping temperatures until they step outside. Even I have struggled to find the balance between style and comfort over the years, but if you think about it’s truly an easy thing to conquer: LAYER. Layering your outfit will save you from the freezing cold ... Read more

The holiday season is upon us! Cups of Hot Chocolate circulate and layers start to pile on. But you can’t possibly layer properly for the cold without cozy winter sweaters! Whether you love color, texture, comfort or a combination of many things, there’s a special winter sweater out there for everyone and I’m here to help you figure it out. Generally, there are three types of sweaters: the Pullover, the ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. Over the past few years, the beauty industry has been booming with the evolution of natural hair. Women of Color have stepped out of the shadows of extensions and are embracing the hair they were born with. Especially in 2015, there are more brands dedicated to natural hair care then ever before. People with natural hair now have so many options of hair care products ... Read more

For the last seven days, the streets of New York City have been electrified. Amazing street style  has been a focal point and celebrities from every corner of the world flocked to the Big Apple for one coveted event: New York Fashion Week. Even with the change up of the location from Lincoln Center, the show went on as people attended events all over the city to look at new ... Read more

Everybody wants to have clear skin, but not everybody takes the proper steps to achieve it. Here are some of my tips to help you get amazing skin quickly: 1. Drink Water The skin is the largest organ of your body. Drinking water everyday flushes toxins and bad wastes from your body, helping the appearance of your skin look fresh and healthy. 2. Exfoliate 1-2 times a week Exfoliating is removing the ... Read more

Many people have issues with finding their personal style. Whether you’re following the latest trends or struggling to find an outfit to wear to an event, it’s good to know that discovering your style is not an overnight thing and that it is okay to make mistakes along the way. Here are my tips to help you find your fashion style: finding your style is a process Like I previously ... Read more


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