I love being a vegan. I’ve learned how to eat healthy without the need of meat and I’ve never been happier! Being a vegan helps me stay in shape and it also saves dozens of animals’ lives. This year, I’ve decided to expand my veganism to the products I use. I thought that finding beauty products and applicators would be a challenge, but surprisingly it hasn’t been. International beauty brand Royal ... Read more

In the present age, food is never what it seems anymore. Now more than ever, consumers are often finding out that there are many artificial ingredients being used in their meat. Special steroids are given to animals to help them grow faster, and these steroids are very harmful for people. Therefore, a better option for you is to go vegan. This requires that you avoid any animal related product, even the diary products. You ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. “Beauty should never compromise health.”  This is the philosophy of Melissa Butler, founder and mixologist of The Lip Bar. Melissa began her company in 2012, after growing tired of toxic cosmetics. She studied the chemistry of cosmetics and eventually created 12 handmade lipstick shades. The Lip Bar is a representation of what true beauty should equate to: health. The Lip Bar’s lipsticks are created with natural, vegan ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. Deodorant is something that everybody uses on a daily basis. It helps us from smelling like we are perspiring all day. While they are inexpensive and effective, conventional deodorants are made of chemicals that aren’t made to be placed under our arms. Enter Jaime Schmidt, a woman who has a passion for natural body care products. When Jaime began Schmidt’s Natural Deodorant, she was pregnant. ... Read more

On October 18, I attended Exhibit C.‘s Well + Food event. It was a very sophisticated event. Lifestyle and meditation expert Cassandra Bodzak hosted the dinner and Chef Daphne Cheng cooked the amazing cuisine that blended delicious food and wellness of the body. I was extremely worried about the food, because I am a vegan. It turns out that the whole event was filled with only vegan food. I most ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. With the summer season winding down and fall vastly approaching, why not add a new necklace from Pico Jewelry to your wardrobe! Pico Jewelry is a New York-based jewelry business that began in 1976. The family-owned company is one of my favorites for my personal jewelry. We at Flawless Living have teamed up with Pico Jewelry to create a customized Flawless logo necklace for one ... Read more

This giveaway is now closed. The latest and best hair care products on the market all consist of one ingredient: Argan Oil. Also known as liquid gold, argan oil in hair care products provides a great base for conditioning hair and adding shine while reducing frizz. The new Rich Argan Colour Protect Collection from Rich Hair Care not only nourishes your hair strands with amazing moisture, but it also protects ... Read more

We tend to move away from our daily meal plan when we’re traveling because we look at vacations as a time for relaxation. But then we regret our choices when we hit the scale at home because we forgot to eat healthy. No worries! We all crave that summer beach body. Here are some tips and tricks on how to keep yourself in shape while your out of town. 1. ... Read more

Have you heard of the Alkaline diet? It is slowly but surely gaining popularity today. This diet concentrates on maintaining your body’s PH level. A PH of 0 is the most acidic while a PH of 14 is the highest alkaline level. A healthy PH level should be around 7.30-7.45, slightly more alkaline. This way of eating can help with preventing cancer and aid with weight loss by cutting out acid-producing ... Read more


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