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Fitness is in and it’s getting more and more popular every year. Whether it is at the gym or at home, some sort of workout is probably on your priority list for the night. In my opinion it’s an activity that can be fun! Exercise also helps distract the mind for a little! At the same time, putting a lot of effort into researching all the new exercises and trends can be stressful. That’s where Flawless Living comes in with updated and accurate information about the best at home exercises that will have you sporting a six pack and feeling great in a blink of an eye. Over time we will be talking about different movements for different parts of the body but today we will focus on arm exercises. A couple of at home exercises (which don’t take much time) are:

1. Wide Arm Push Up

This exercise is really good for activating many muscles in your upper body. Chest, triceps, forearms, and even your back are all working simultaneously. As simple as this exercise looks it is very important to concentrate on the muscle groups you feel are getting hit, and not to rush through. Slow steady movements are better then quick movements.

2. Arm Curls

Arm Curls are a great at-home exercise to work out your arms in different variations.

  • With palms facing forward (biceps curl)
  • With palms at sides, facing in (hammer curl)
  • Alternate biceps curls, lifting one arm at a time
  • Alternate hammer curls
  • With palms out to sides (side curl)
  • Alternate side curls

3. Tricep Kick Backs

Doing tricep kick backs are a really good toning exercise for the back of the arms.

Do 10 reps each:

  • In a lunge with left arm bent, straighten and bend elbow.
  • With arm straight, palm in, lift and lower arm 1 inch.
  • Squeeze straight arm in toward body, then out.
  • With palm up, lift and lower arm.
  • Squeeze arm in toward body, palm up. After last rep, hold for 5 seconds.
  • Repeat with right arm.

Make sure to return to Flawless Living next Friday for our next installment in the Fall Workout Series!

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    T Nance

    25 09 2015

    Congrats for landing Philip Fusco for writing fitness tips and articles for you!
    That’s a True Accomplishment !
    Keep his tips coming !

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