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At some point in our lives we’ve come across that person that, if not always, almost always has to be right. This person is the type that from the moment their mouths open till the moment it closes, if it ever closes, s/he is right…even when they’re “wrong and strong,” as my sister says. Yes, we all know that person and for some of us the reason why is because we see them every time we look in the mirror!

Why is it we think we are right all the time? Now, I could be wrong, but I’ve learned there could be several factors in why we refuse to be wrong. For one, if as a child we tended to not understand things as others or be as “smart” or quick as others it could affect the way we view ourselves as we get older, possibly creating an egotistical personality where we have to be right all the time.

In this ego state of mind we’re probably known to be the “know-it-all” or the “go-to” person and there may even be people that believe we’re the smartest ones since Einstein. Sometimes, our egos are so high that it is nearly impossible for people to want to deal with us.

If we are right all the time it could cause people to believe we are shallow when it might be that we just don’t want people to think we’re “stupid” or “dumb” but ironically, if we continue on this path, we will find we know nothing at all.

If we can stop and take the time to listen to what others are saying we will learn the hidden lessons spoken. We may even grow to becoming more compassionate and embracing. Each day there is a height to be reached, a distance to travel, feat to conquer, but this is only if we learn to listen to the voices of others and the lessons we have the right to learn.

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