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Fall is here. The air is brisk, the leaves are beginning to change and October is National Adopt A Shelter Dog Month. Check out my 4 Tips when looking to adopt your FLAWLESS FIDO.


Your Pet will be Confused when arriving to it’s new home! It is essential to set up sleeping, feeding and walking schedule in advance. You will need to focus on house training.


Give one on one time to your new pet in the beginning to allow adjustment to the new environment. Take time to observe their behavior, likes and dislikes.


I usually suggest to clients a wheat and corn free diet. When switching to a new diet, add half new food to half of the old food over a week to avoid gastric distress and diarrhea.

Medical & Training

Check your pet’s veterinarian history to ensure your dog has all necessary vaccines. Also when seeking training recommendations, select Trainers like Drea Dog World, that uses positive, reinforcement methods.

With a little research and patience, you can find a new pet for a fraction of the price that you would pay a breeder but most importantly you will be saving a life.

For more tips and training needs, contact Drea Dog World.

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